After a little more than seven months, it is time for me to return to the land of the useful. I am to be a housekeeper for a new type of hotel- the empty home hotel. Known as Air BnB. We are a company based solely on the demand for homes as hotels housekeeping. It is the perfect job for me, for the time being.

It is hard to describe how good it feels to say loudly when I open the front door, “Housekeeping!” Like I am a little girl again, playing house or playing at having a job. In either case, it doesn’t feel real, but like I am playing a housekeeping character. And I landed the role because I was perfect for the part.

Which I am.

I think in a bygone era I would have made a great Nanny, caring for another’s children and loving them as if they were my own. Not to romanticize slavery. But who isn’t a slave these days, spiritually chained with bills and debt? They say we are “free” but everything else about our lives screams “no freedoms for fun.” You are free to go to the movies they make (which are terrible), watch the shows or play the video games they make (which can be entertaining, but are little more than a narcotic on the scale of fun), go to the shows they condone (which again can be entertaining, but do not actually bring real joy), or worst of all, march (which resembles little more than a procession of smiling mourners.)

Who am I to criticize “they”? An entertainer who believes she could actually bring entertainment and joy. But joy is frowned upon by this administration. However, “they” do love money, so maybe my ability to be a worthwhile spectacle to be witnessed will pay off and I will be allowed to do what I was born to do.

Until then, I house keep. And am humbled and grateful to do so.

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