Dust With Breath

:: Prayer Feathers by Karen Noles : 2012 ::

I wrote a post on my Facebook page that said shame on you; to all the people who see my faith as nothing more than a symptom of my illness. I looked to God when there was no one else around, and it was enough. Sometimes we have to look to a higher love than what is in our immediate surroundings. And it worked. He saved me from everything, even myself.

Someone wrote in response: “Nah. This guy here just wanted you to pull through on your own terms so that you could be a stronger person and more capable of facing anything the world throws at you with nothing but your own courage, fortitude, determination, and critical thinking.

Shame on you for thinking otherwise.”

This mentality is exactly why the world is as lost as it is. Everyone thinks they can and should do it on their own. Don’t look to a higher power, rely on yourself. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps as the old adage goes. I say rubbish. We look like a bunch of ants whose nest just got stepped on. No order. No reason. Just everyone milling about, bumping into each other. Chaos.

It is my belief that the more people look, in unison, to God, the more we will resemble those ants who are incredibly foraging all together. All working together in perfect harmony for the greater good, which is also their individual good. Only a source can provide this kind of direction. It is God.

I replied to my friend: “Me!? Dust with breath, take on the world alone? No, thank you.

And there it is. My new Native American name. Should I ever have the honor of meeting a chief or shaman, I will ask for a proper translation and have my real Indian name. Just a dream. Add it to the list.

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