As the times have slowly darkened, it is hard to say what is normal anymore. Just as those frogs in the slowly boiling water did not realize, so we continue as if all were as it should be. This is not the case to discerning eyes. Eyes that can compare how a society once was, to how it appears at present. Able to look at the bigger picture than just the jaded here-and-now.

That is not to say that the past was a paradise. No, we are still talking about life here on earth, not heaven. But the problems were more out in the open and tangible, not so much suppression and gaslighting. Back then, there were white playgrounds and colored playgrounds. One, I would imagine, had all the trimmings, while the other (if it existed at all) had somewhat minimal or used playthings.

This was an injustice as there have always been injustices in this world. But, in the grand scheme I imagine the people were content. As they seem to be so now. There were poor as there have always been poor, and rich as there have always been rich.

Before television oozed into our homes, neighbors met each other at the park, all the children knew each other, and there was actual life happening.

Life, I have learned, is all about who you spend it with and who you love. Nothing more.

And now? Now there are parks built just for namesake only. To say that there exists a park. No one goes and there is nothing there. I mean, literally nothing. The public park closest to my home is a bare field with a drainage ditch running through the middle.

It is open to the public, but there is no public. Everyone is under self-imposed house arrest. Be it with computers, video games or television. Real life now happens here, on the internet.


Crystal Falls in Leander, TX

And the modern-day “whites only” playground now includes all colors, but there is no neighborly warmth. It opens with a great sign for all the unwelcome to heed. Private. Members only. Here, there are actual amenities, such as swings, jungle gyms, a pool, a pond, frisbee golf, stone tables and chairs. It seems lovely. But it is not really lovely. No, not really. Not when all are not welcome. Hearts cannot thrive where only some are included.

As much as they push racism in the media, most everyday citizens have moved past these old-timey ideologies. Now it has come to class. Money. But in this age of suppression and misdirection everyone turns a blind eye to this stigma. Nobody talks about it. Not like 50 years ago as it was with race. Now, they pretend it is still race while in actuality it is greed. Colorblind greed.

People might band together with race as the common denominator, but the motivation stems from either power or money. No one has enough and everyone needs more. More money for what? Peace? Happiness? Love? Fulfillment?

What will you buy with all that money? Why doesn’t all that money make you happy? What wouldn’t you do for money?

There’s the question. What wouldn’t you do?

‘No one can serve two masters. You cannot serve both God and money.’

But then, these are dark, Godless times. Perhaps I am just spitting in the wind.


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