Dream Guitar

In Coral Pink.

They do not make this guitar anymore and when they did it was not for very long.

My electric ukulele I ordered from Germany never arrived and after several emails to the business with no response, I have given up and am going to try my hand at the guitar.

I want an instrument that can express more righteous anger than the acoustic ukulele is able… There is a lot to be righteously angry about.

If you, reader, know someone who has one of these rare jewels that they are not really playing, please let them know someone wants to buy it. Mee.

And as for people being upset that the Vixen only came with two dials rather than the typical four, I say, I love it. Women can do a lot more with a lot less. I think it’s sexy.

I really want this guitar. I will not wait forever, but I will wait. I am signed up for notifications on Reverb.com and if anyone has other avenues I should look into, please share.

Here’s hoping…

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