The Artist

I had a psychotic breakdown stemming from, in part, not creating. Creating has helped me get a handle on being human again. It is an important part of the human condition, for all people to create in whatever manner they see fit. But this healthy, God-given human right has been absconded by the upper classes and slyly repressed by the wicked in power. We, as commoners, are taught that art is only a dream for fun, or to be at most a hobby. They do not want our souls to flourish. They do not want you to know that it is the most important aspect of being truly alive.

I say, do it anyway.

The artist is the quintessential of cool. And why is that? Why does everyone and their dog want to be “an artist?” Or, for argument’s sake, a creator. There are countless reasons, most self-serving, but it is my belief that only the art made from the heart has any value. The more heart, the better the art. If you have a shriveled, rotten grape of a heart, your art will reflect that. And vice versa.

‘A good tree produces good fruit, and a bad tree produces bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.’

Fruit being art, in this case.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.04.58 AM

Jazz pioneer John Coltrane.

To be cool, you have to have a lot of heart. Everything else is just trying and posing. People see straight through that. The worst art, the kind I physically have to leave the room for, is that with no heart yet they themselves believe they are a God. It makes me physically react and I think that is alright, for I have read…

The righteous detest the dishonest; the wicked detest the upright.’


‘Do I not hate those who hate you, LORD, and abhor those who are in rebellion against you?’


‘I behold the treacherous and loathe them, Because they do not keep Your word.’


I have holy permission to despise ungodly, ugly, worthless art. And, I tell you reader, we are drowning in it. It is on the radio, on the television, alllll over the internet, touring across states and into Europe. It almost makes one lose hope and not want to hear anything new. But I am so glad when I do find something worthwhile. It reminds me of the glory of God and how we are all so unique. We are all snow, it is true, but each one is a finely-detailed and unique snowflake. True art reminds me of that fact.

Being a creator is the greatest homage you can pay to Our Creator. That is why it is cool. Because he created us to create in the first place. The more soul, the more heart, the more Love, the cooler the artist. It is a proven fact. If I am ‘cool’ it is only the reflection of God you are seeing in my being. I am nothing. He is everything. May all I create reflect His glory. And may it move you in the interim.

Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth. Sing to the LORD, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise!’

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