It seems that the artist has lost his way in these dark, capitalistic times. No, we are not billboards of cool, nor are we hit music generators. We are observers and relayers of truth, even the ugly truth.

In the chance that these journal entries are not deleted once I am censored by this wicked power regime – I would like it to be known, on the record, that if you ever, EVER find me hocking any name brand anything or talking about politics like they are still a real thing… There are strings attached and I will not be acting of my own free will. But, as an obedient slave, doing the will of those in power over me.

“Politics is just the entertainment branch of the military-industrial complex.” FZ

I have never voted in my adult life. And it is not that I don’t care about the well-being of my fellow-man, I just truly believe it is not a real thing. And what’s more, ‘Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.’

We are being punished. We are a debaucherous, fallen nation – our President fits our times.

Nor have I ever bought into name brand merchandise, I have been shopping at thrift stores my entire adult life. And while I appreciate craftsmanship, and a well-made shoe, I am not here to further beat to death this old hocking horse. I want change. And this change will not coming by me wearing name brand clothes they give me for free like it’s an honor or a favor. No, no thank you.

Bill Hicks :: Rant in E Minor :: Artistic Roll Call

Bill Hicks :: Suck Satan’s…Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 7.52.55 AM

That’s not to say I would not be a spokeswoman for something I believed in. I would. At the moment, the only idea that springs to mind is a PSA strongly encouraging the youth of America to own a dog before they even think about having children. Healthy change. It’s all I want. For everyone.

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