Helen Keller

“There is among us a distressing indifference to all things of faith, and impatience at any effort to explain the laws of life in spiritual terms.”


A few years ago, there was a trend on Facebook that asked everyone to post their doppelgänger. Once again, my joking post was closer to the truth than I realized. I chose my heroine, Helen Keller. A modern-day sage who was deaf and blind. She was my emotional twin sister. I was, and still am, frightfully deaf and blind.

But as I awaken and keep soul-searching, I return to her and she continues to inspire. She was full of the great Spirit and of hope and perseverance. Pretty much everyone knows who she is, so I thought I would read some of her works and really learn who she was.

But the most disturbing thing happened. I realized that the public library did not carry the vast majority of her works. Worse than that, the used and even new bookstores did not carry them either! What is this? Why? Why would the library carry over 100 titles in homage or about Helen Keller but not carry her actual works?

The same could be said for the works of Dr. Martin Luther King. You are welcome to read the dozens of accounts of his life, and to quote him out of context for your own purposes, but to seek the actual sermons and his words of wisdom is a taboo and hard to come by.

And so I realize I am relegated to the realm of intellectual rebel. I am a criminal for seeking higher knowledge than what is permitted. I concede. When they come for me I will not be the least bit surprised or resistant.

I do startle easily however, so I live on pins and needles – waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’ve never liked scary or suspenseful movies. I wish I could just relax because I know it must come and I will persevere, not be on edge waiting for the inevitable. I did not even like trying to pop a balloon as a child, how much more all this suspense. Would that I could change my nature at the drop of a hat.

I did find some of her titles on Amazon, thankfully. All is not lost. They are on order and I hope to post about them in the future. There is not a single artist who has singularly so many inspiring and insightful quotes. Goes to show what is possible from the inner world of man. They are sure to be a great read, as she too was an ardent Christian.

“Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” 

“Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.”‘


“Of one thing I am sure; any effort is worthwhile that brings comfort to limited, struggling human beings in a dark, self-centered age.”

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