As I have made it past several gauntlets for my soul, Satan and his minions have resorted to cursing me and my belongings. These curses have never once used the word ‘curse’ so it took me awhile to catch on and I lost several items from what I can only describe as an icky feeling I get around them once they are successfully cursed.

No, the cursings come most commonly in the form of compliments. Not blessings in disguise, but cursings. I like your shoes. The most common curse of them all. I am still not sure what the significance of shoes are, but there is some for sure. Where shoes are placed, where shoes are kept or put on. I can’t describe it. But they are important. So, often, a favorite target for cursing.

But the I like ________ can take any form. It’s almost as if they are saying the word like but screaming in their minds HATE. And just one of these hate filled compliments is sometimes enough to destroy your favorite hat or pair of shoes. Destroy? To get hippie about it, it destroys the energy of the thing. You no longer get a good feeling putting the item on or wearing it, but a bad one. It’s like the hate directed towards the object lingers on the item like a stench.

Since I have woke up to this I always return the “compliment” with an immediate, heartfelt God bless you. Or if I wish to bless even “harder,” Lord Jesus bless you. It’s all about the feeling behind your words. You must mean your God bless you, it cannot be just a sneeze God bless you. Your heart must be in it for it to be effective.

My newest challenge in this ‘fiery ordeal that has come upon me to test me’ is the cursing of my new dog, Bambi. I like your dog. I have heard more times than I can remember. I return these cursings with a blessing every time and pray everyday for our protection. I have faith we will together persevere. He is my buddy companion. He is my Arrow.

Me and My Arrow

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