Physical Education

I went to an intimate performance last night at the Cactus Cafe on UT campus. At the end of the show I met a woman, Summer, who is best friends with one of my childhood besties, Mandy. It took me back in time. To a time when I was just a wee hippie trying to get a PE credit for high school graduation.

I am very much like water, easily manipulated and I take the form of my surroundings. To be so malleable is both a great weakness and a great strength, though. At any rate, I was led by my dear friend Mandy to believe I should play on the women’s golf team.

Those were sad days.

It was great to miss school to go be outside all day and our coach was a great man, but I am not a golfer. It was an embarrassment. To add insult to injury my Dad had had someone make custom women’s left-handed golf clubs. ‘Thou shalt not steal’ is a big one. And for good reason. My custom clubs were ultimately stolen out of the back of my Eclipse, thus ending my golfing career and changing the course of my life from that day forward. Also, the joke is on the thief. Have fun with your small ladies left-handed golf clubs, sinner!

That transgression was certainly a blessing in disguise, because I still needed one more PE credit senior year in order to graduate. So, I had the fortune of taking Country and Western Dance here in Dallas, TX. This was an education I could get behind. This turned me on to a lifelong love of partner dancing. And I had the best partner in class. A strapping young man, Cassidy, who was son to a famous dancing school owner, Kitty Carter. We were the belles of the class.

Sadly, it was my senior year so I could not go out for the Country and Western dance troupe, The Wranglers. But it made me feel good to know I could have been on the team, according to the woman who lead it. Partner dancing is a gift from God. It is so beautiful and natural and fun. We should all pray for a resurgence of some kind. Even larger than the swing circles I’ve come to know. Something more like a renaissance. It is such a healthy way to interact. It makes me sad that most have never known the feeling.

As independent as life has made me, I am still a follow at heart. (In dancing, there is the Lead and the Follow. The man and the woman, respectively.) ‘And man was not made for woman, but woman was made for man.’ Nothing beats a good lead. But until he comes along I will just look to that Big Daddy in the sky to lead. Won’t you dance with me?


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