Thrifting for Love

The last memory I will have of a good thrift store find may be this record. “Children Sing to the Lord” released by Gospel Light Publications in 1978. It has those sweet 1978 synths all throughout, as well as a killer message.

God is good and Love is the best.

Love, Love, Love, Love

He’s Alive!

Feels good to be ahead of the trend and actually find gems like this. Just imagining all the amazing buried treasures there must be of this genre is enough to make me want to thrift again. I would love to find some real gospel recordings, not the soulless imitation you would find nowadays, but the real feel it in your gut kind. I’d probably weep if I heard an actual gospel choir.

What’s the difference? How can you tell soulless from the real thing?

With how the music makes you feel. Close your eyes. When you listen to a singer try not to just hear the notes but to feel them. If you don’t feel anything that means they have lost or sold their soul. It is beautiful, but empty. There is no power behind the music, no matter how loud they cry or how many people are on stage. It is darkness.

Things weren’t always so bleak. Go back just 50 years and you will find some very beautiful recordings made with love and light. I hope to bring about a love and light renaissance. I know there are many dark forces in my way. But then I remember, ‘If it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.’ And I take a breath. Because it’s not in my hands. What a relief.

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