The Good, the Bad, the Daddy

In those precious, formative years of my childhood I did not have anyone to call daddy. I think this hole in my heart has stayed with me and can only be filled by one remedy. To call my future partner Daddy. I even wrote a song about it…

Crystal Fulbright – Daddyscreen-shot-2017-01-27-at-9-44-29-am

If you Google it, the internet paints it as kinky and risqué- but if you actually use the internet as a scavenging tool as it’s intended, you find a genuine gold mine of old tunes, sung in heartfelt, innocent tones about loving their Daddies or being someone’s Daddy.

I mean, if you think about it how is it at all any weirder than calling someone baby? He ain’t your baby, he’s a grown-ass man! Freak.

Maybe the powers that be don’t want us to empower our men in this affectionate way. They would rather a bunch of baby-men walk around than Daddy-men. Women (not all, of course) want to be someone’s baby, men (not all, of course) want to be men and Daddy is closer to that sentiment than baby.

  1. Dinah Washington – Good Daddy Blues
  2. Bessie Smith – Oh, Daddy
  3. Hank Williams – The Lovesick Blues
  4. ‘Ma’ Rainey – Farewell Daddy Blues
  5. Marilyn Monroe – My heart belongs to Daddy
  6. The Jackson 5 – Sugar Daddy

So, go ahead and try it. You may like the feeling of empowerment it gives you to empower someone else. That is the feminine power. The power to follow and encourage. He may be uncomfortable at first. This is just the malaise from being indoctrinated into this sick society. What you are doing is right, what society is telling you is wrong. Don’t worry about it. Listen to your heart.

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