Jazz Legends

I loved my first car. It was a midnight blue 1993-ish Mitsubishi Eclipse. Fully loaded with screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-12-21-03-pm2×2 seating, a CD player and a great sound system. She was sweet. But, being 16 I of course fender-bended her into oblivion. Only got $500 on the trade in. That is not at all what she was worth to me. I don’t have any photos, but she was similar to this…

She had those sweet, Back to the Future, pop up headlights. They don’t design cars with this much personality anymore, so now I am just content and grateful for something that runs.

Point being, in those high school days, in that cool car, I could be found singing my heart out to all my favorite jazz legends. This is where I feel I got my musical education. Whilst driving to school or my job at the mall. Just singing along.

Ella Fitzgerald The First Lady of Song. By far the best technical ability and scatting.

(She is the best place to start. If you’re not into her, jazz singers may not be your thing. And that’s okay. Tastes change over generations, but I am aged at heart and this kind of music fills me up.)

Dinah Washington The Queen of the Blues. I love Dinah’s sweetheart tone. Such a sass. Plus, she wrote this dirty song. Genius.

Nina Simone The High Priestess of Soul. She is the coolest of the cool cats.

Sarah Vaughn The Divine One. For unexplainable reasons, she is my personal favorite.

I tried to form a jazz trio recently and my heart wasn’t in it. And I don’t listen to this music anymore. I’m not sure why. I hope to come back to it one day, like an old friend who never missed a beat.

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