Playing the game

All team sports players know- the agent makes the decisions. You are at their whim. Don’t play along, you don’t play. That is the kicker of team sports.

What I play is a little different. Music is fun to play when it’s collaborative, but can also be completely captivating as a one man show. Michael and Zappa. I could watch them and them alone for days. And these two men, my heroes, both worked the system to become their own free agents.

I plan to do the same. I, too, am a one woman show.

In a speech Michael mentioned James Brown as being taken advantage of by the end of his career. And I was a witness. I had the honor of seeing JB at Stubb’s here in Austin shortly before he died and it was heartbreaking. I wept. Both at the realization of being alive and seeing someone from a different era, a pioneer, and also at how pathetic the show was. I won’t go into details. It was sad. He was not a free agent. He was shark bait.

Fuck that.

You see, I am not in it for fame or money or to be cool or whatever other silly reason people have to play the game. I just want to make great art. And whether 100 or a 100 million people hear it. I leave that to God.

I agree with Michael, “real art never dies.” So don’t worry. The music will find its audience eventually. Especially if you are before your time, like Zappa. Maybe like myself. Just keep working, that’s all you need to do.

If I unintentionally, while asleep found my way and performed for illustrious Harvard faculty, I can certainly intentionally, fully awake work the system to my favor. I will out think you. I just need to start playing the game and learn the rules.

Pretty sure I’ve been on some sort of watch list since that Harvard performance in 2010. The girl with the voice. This voice also has a heart of fire and a mind like a trap. I am more akin to a ticking time bomb or a dangerous weapon than a toy. But we need to play for you to find that out.

I suppose I have started to play. This pretending I’m not already known, coming into fame like any other indie artist. Only my indie road is full of pits and dead ends. This is an ok game, but will this farce hold up when everything comes to light?

‘Everything exposed by the light becomes visible–and everything that is illuminated becomes a light itself.’

More light! More fire! More light! More fire!

Burn this tired, worn out system to the ground, Father. Everyone’s ready.

And if they’re not, they’re ashes.

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