The Austin Breakfast Taco

I love whoever pointed out, “The first person to ever eat an egg must’ve been one weird guy.” It’s so true. Eggs are weird. And yet the best… So, we are making egg-based tacos.

Austin is world-renowned for their Breakfast Taco. What is it? Well, I’ll show you. There are many variations, but this is my personal take. It is somewhat healthier than the typical restaurant variation, but still very delicious.

Step 1. The Ingredients. In this instance I have: 4 white potatoes, 4 eggs, 1/4 of a purple onion, 1/2 a crown of broccoli, 3 Morning Star veggie sausage patties, a handful of cherry tomatoes, some garlic, olive oil and flour tortillas.

I forgot the Morning Star veggie sausage in the photo. I am not a strict vegetarian, but I do try and consume a lot less meat than when I was younger.

You can add almost any ingredient you want at this stage. That’s the beauty of the breakfast taco, there is no wrong taco, only different. Some variations include squash, actual sausage or bacon, bell pepper, jalapeno…

Step 2. Splice and dice. Beat your eggs and add salt and pepper to taste. Have your frying pan heating at medium high with enough olive oil to cover the surface of the pan. And cook your veggie sausage (or real) as instructed on package.

Step 3. Golden brown your potatoes. Stirring frequently as not to burn. Adding olive oil as needed.

Step 4-6. Add ingredients in order of frying time. Potatoes went first as they take the longest. Then add onion and garlic and stir for approx 4 min. Then add broccoli and stir for approx 3 min. Then add tomato and veggie sausage and cook for 2 min. All the time adding olive oil as needed. Never soaking the dish, but enough to keep things frying nicely.

Step 7. Add your egg and scramble until egg is fully cooked. Stirring frequently.


Step 8. Serve your scramble in flour (or corn) tortillas. Store the left over scramble in a tupperware for the next approx 3 breakfasts. Garnish with salsa, cheese, avocado, jalapeno, anything. Enjoy!

I hope you try this sometime. Let me know if you do in the comments and tell me what ingredients you tried in your Austin breakfast taco!

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