Every artist needs a patron

It was no easy road to get here. To finally be supported as an artist and be able to dedicate my time to really creating, rather than a menial day job. It took the inability of holding screen-shot-2017-01-14-at-12-12-19-pmdown said jobs, losing most my friends and family from my erratic behavior, several hospitalizations, homelessness, sexual assault, alcoholism, encountering and denying Satan my soul, along with insurmountable medical bills. But I am finally here. A real, working artist.

And so I write to you, my unwitting patrons, a sincere thank you. I hope my work will eventually pay you back in kind. I want to make a positive impact while I’m here. Though I am fledgling, I have high hopes. It starts here, with my open journal and you, the hard-working American just trying to maintain. I am too. Just trying to maintain in my own way. It is a little different from yours, but artists are the ambassadors of revolution and change. And things like this just need one thing – time.

Of course, I will soon have to return to some menial job as this retroactive check from the government will not hold out forever, but for the time being I will cherish every moment as they may not come again. My monthly installment paid to me for my illness is not enough to cover living expenses (as all SSI recipients well know) but it may afford me the ability to work only part time. Still able to eke out time to change the world in-between shifts.

To my fellow artists – it is indeed a hard, steep climb but I would highly recommend embracing your mental or emotional instability, having it diagnosed (by a hospitalization if possible) and seeking out patronage through the US taxpayers. It is not glamorous, but then neither is making honest art.

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