I had the fortune to speak with two men I have collaborated with in the past in the same day. They both called me. It is a sure sign that it is time for me to learn to play with others. Not in a strict ‘play in a band’ sense but collaborating in any form of the word.

I am shy, but I know what I like. I am honest to a fault and do not excel in flattery. If your ego is at all delicate best to stay away. If you enjoy a healthy challenge, feeling knowledgable by having the answers to my boundless curiosity and possibly being unintentionally mothered a bit then we could stand to make something.

There is an important reason it is called playing. Please, remember that. It is work that is play– joking and laughing, fiddling around and sharing like a nice playmate. Without the play there is no worthy work to show for your efforts. It becomes business and has no legs to stand on if it is to live. And I would very much like all my work to live.

Also, I enjoy being rebuked and challenged, so no yes-men. How else am I to learn? ‘Rebuke the wise and they will love you.’ Not that I am wise, but I would very much like to be.

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