Does bad music exist?

In an earlier post I described how bad music makes me feel… bad. But I have also read, ‘Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged.’

This frightens me. Forgive me, Father. I confess here, in my open journal, I do love as I do also judge. Take it from me. Amen.

He was speaking of people though, not music. So, I asked myself, is music like a person, no matter how seemingly hideous we are to judge not but always love? Or is it closer to its cousin, math, where there is a science behind the beauty and it is possible do the math wrong?

I am leaning towards the latter.

Even if you do not ‘understand’ the music and thus find no pleasure in it, as say someone who knows calculus may not intrinsically understand and enjoy trigonometry, the music is still correct for certain listeners who speak that language. Traditional Indian ragas come to mind, they are very beautiful but western listeners would probably turn it off immediately. It’s music in a foreign language.

In the same manner, a mathematician well-versed in some pure mathematical enigma would not gain much pleasure in someone counting by 5’s to 100. And vice versa. So it is with music. Both the simple and the complex are correct. The musical math is right and each will find their respective listeners.

Then there is the music where the math is just, plain wrong. I believe this to be a real problem plaguing our planet. And it is purely bad. As surely as I have learned that evil exists- so too evilly bad music is here on earth.

Throw it in the fiery furnace! Burn it all! That would be a sight. And Mother Earth would breathe a sweet sigh of relief.

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