High School as a metaphor for life

Look at me. Playing the game. Fitting in. Making a difference. Changing the lives of my brothers and sisters for the better.

I am pretty sure this experience, as Student Council Secretary, woke me up to the frivolity of the theatrics that is politics at 17. I have never voted in my adult life, and I don’t think I’ll stop the streak now. Let the farce play on. I’ll just be at the concession stand, eating popcorn, patiently waiting to go home.

I learned through experience that we are just the smiling puppets of the administration. The real decisions are made behind closed doors, by the adults. They may humor our ideas, but we have no real power. Politics is not a real thing. Not the politics on television at least. There are still real politics in any field you enter, but not the elected-official kind.

Why did I even run?

For fun. All good things come from wanting to have fun, including the serious things.  I also heard things like this matter when applying to college, so I said, “Cool, I’m down.”

I knew I needed to dazzle my peers with posters (the only form of advertising allowed). So, I gathered my fiercest artist friends, Zilpha and Annie, and we made the most bad to the bone campaign slogan signs.

“It’s Crystal Clear who to vote for. Crystal Fulbright for Student Council Secretary.”

“Crystal is Full of Bright ideas. Crystal Fulbright for Student Council Secretary.”

“The Crystal Method is the best. Crystal Fulbright for Student Council Secretary.”

The last slogan was good for the scandal needed to get my name to spread like wildfire. I was forced to remove them, but the damage had been done. I was in the collective student psyche. The rest is student body history.

So, do not worry about the impending farce on television, dear reader. Worry about what you do have power over. Namely, your actions towards your neighbor. Literally, the person closest to you at this moment. That is your neighbor. What do they need? How can you help make their life better? ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Do this and everything else will fall into its right place. And the world will be better. Problem solved.


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