My spirit animal – The Giraffe

My mother always said her favorite animal was the giraffe, but never really explained why. I think she planted the seed in me though and I have had an affinity for the giraffe for as long as I can remember. More than an affinity, I relate to the giraffe in many imagined ways. I see myself in them. I’ll try and explain why…


I am no predator, that is for certain. I’m not prey either though. Not any more, at least. Giraffes, once fully grown are too big and fast for even the lions to kill. Not many animals can claim to have no natural predators -or be too bad ass for them. But giraffes can.

I read someplace that if attacked by some desperate lion, the giraffe has the strength and ability to literally kick the head off a lion. This is me. For sure.


They have big, brown eyes with lashes to adorn them. I have been blessed with this through my mama.

I imagine the leaves of trees to be bits of knowledge from the tree of life. As the tallest, giraffes enjoy the choicest leaves. No other leaf-eater can compete. On the other hand, as the tallest, they also have the lonely vantage point of seeing/knowing more than the other land creatures. Too much for the smaller animals to handle. ‘With much wisdom comes much sorrow; as knowledge increases, grief increases.’

When they run or need to take a drink of water, giraffes can be a bit goofy and awkward. They are awkward horses, really. That’s me, too. An awkward horse made ready for battle only to be laughed out of the fight.

You see, reader, the giraffe really is my spirit animal. Gentle, yet giant. Goofy, yet gracious. They are unique and beautiful and I love them.




I also have felt a connection to the praying mantis… but that’s a story for another day.

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  1. Liz S. says:

    Beautifully explained!


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