Playing the notes does not a musician make.

People often assume that since I am a soulful singer and have refused to sell my soul for a quick fix, I must love all things soul music.

Not really. Is the short answer.

There is also the heart and mind to consider. When all three come together- that is the pinnacle. Michael had it, Prince had it. Lots of players have it, and when they do I love their music no matter the genre.

I even love music without the soul aspect. Frank Zappa is one of my favorites and he just hired the soul to play along side him. Napoleon Murphy Brock, Adrian Belew… They added the part maybe he knew he was lacking. And it was brilliant.

Maybe I could become the inverse of my hero Frank. I am the soul aspect looking to find the sharp players to make my music kill.

Primus is not what anyone would consider soulful and I love them, too. They are having fun and playing well. I just recently got back into them since high school and they have aged like a fine barrel of whiskey. I get more drunk off them than I did back in the day.

But when you are lacking not only soul, but also the heart or mind. That is hell for me. Hell is bad music in my world. It offends me to my very core and I cannot control how I react, no matter how tactless.

Call me immature and childish and I would agree, but I can assure you I am not alone in my feelings. If music is indeed the universal language then pretty much anyone knows truly bad music when they hear it. They just perhaps don’t react with the same passion I have been blessed with.

So, be wary out there. Careful who you invite in. Careful who you play with. Because the audience is sharp and all parts matter. It is possible to play even the triangle badly and tinge a perfectly beautiful song. And if you’re looking to sell records and build a fan base then you better find players with the heart and/or mind of a player.

Some people just want to play for the power. These players only gratify themselves. They do not serve the music or the money. Steer clear.

At this point I am just writing advice to myself, aloud.

Also, now you, my reader, have an idea of what I am looking for as I begin my solo adventure of making my own music. It is a treacherous road full of pits being dug for me. No matter, I have faith and the will of an ox. I will be alright. ‘What can mere mortals do to me?’

It’s all very exciting, really. Please join me and enjoy the show. I love you.

One comment

  1. Glenn french says:

    i agree. i hope i get to play music with you again someday…


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