Petty Interpretations

Today I embark on a new adventure. I am meeting with a producer, Michael Pierce, for the first time. I am excited and ready. I love the work he’s done on these Tom Petty song interpretations…

The abrupt endings, the live drum sounds and the sitar-like drone on one of the tracks are a few of my favorite parts. I am eager to see what he hears for my tracks.

This will all be done in his house, using a 4-track. I know cassettes are in right now and he says they are super easy to make. I just don’t know. I guess if the release is online anyway you are not ostracizing anyone who wouldn’t have a means of playing a cassette. That was my main concern. I want anyone who might want to , to definitely be able to listen to me if they want. Want, want, want. Need, need, need. Wah, wah, wah.

I’ll stop whining now. Time to go to work! Happy New Year, beloved readers.

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